Short Spring ride.

Last Saturday hard rain fall all the day long, but Sunday morning turned out may be a bit cold but sunny, so we were provoked to ride.

That was a first ride on Zephyr this year and that was also good reason for some photo shooting.

The play of shades and light was so changeful that photos made even with slight time interval varied significantly.

Backstage photo:-)

After we arrived to my garage we make some spring cleaning to Zephyr and I also installed few new parts on it: OEM grips, tank rubbers and collars. I left these original parts (took off from my Zephyr) installed on my French  Zephyr project and last year I rode my Zephyr with occasional throttle handle which I found in my garage. Collars I had in exchange of mine ones were a bit rusty and rubbers had a condition a bit far from perfect, so ordering  all these parts was only a matter of time.

I like the look of OEM grips so I was glad I had a reason to buy them.


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