Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Preparations to engine assembling.

After last ordered engine parts arrived and last engine units were treated by me, I began preparation for my Honda CB750/CBX750 engine assembling. It was mostly  washing and cleaning parts with kerosene, gasoline, carburetor cleaner and all kinds of brushes, varying from one with nylon or bronze to even steel wires. And it took more than three working days to clean all engine details, units and hardware, and that’s not counting that I cleaned part of them earlier.

Day passed after day. Skies fade from epic to ordinary pale blue….

After first two days of cleaning I began to feel myself like some kind of gasoline raccoon, cursed to wash all those big and little pieces of metal forever…

But this process is important: all painted parts, even as they were washed before glass blasting and blown with compressed air after it and after painting, must be washed with kerosene and blown with air again to be sure no blasting media inside parts remained.  All hardware should be cleaned and all threads checked if you don’t wish to have unpleasant surprises during the process of engine assembling. All details must be meticulously washed and all traces of mud under little covers and in deep grooves removed.

Yes, it is far from profit side as it takes too much time to be commercially viable, but still I see no different way in such questions. May be later I’ll try to design some ultrasonic washing machine with bath dimensions applicable for parts like cylinder head or crankshaft…

And as it usually happens, the work which hour ago appeared to be endless suddenly was finished and I found no parts or hardware which needed to be cleaned. The last of my “chores” were garage itself cleanup and thorough cleaning of both my workbenches.

Little tips were applied. Bolts for crankcase were placed into special cardboard template to simplify the process of assembling.

All engine units, details and hardware were sorted by boxes, packages and special shelves on my “assembling” workbench.

I also mounted GoPro camera on improvised console. I was forced and marked it with red to avoid permanent contact with my head:-) The show was about to start…


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