Winter roads.

A few day ago I drove to my parents for the Christmas. They live in some 230 km from Kiev. In the morning of the day of returning I awoke and saw that all around, including my car, was covered with thick layer of snow. Snow shower continued and increased in intensity, so I was forced to start immediately because otherwise I could stack there for another day or two. My old Mazda have a quite low clearance and only front-wheel drive so first hundred kilometers were like nightmare in which your main purpose is don’t stop. There was no any sight of road pavement, only two wheel tracks in the deep snow between barely visible roadsides.

But there is a wild beauty in such weather when all world is painted in white and shades of grey. I had my camera with me but for obvious reasons I couldn’t use it in beginning of my way. And only when I drove out from full power snowstorm I picked camera and shot few photos through windshield.

IMG_7902 IMG_7904 IMG_7913 IMG_7915

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