Changing tires.

Yesterday I spent some time to change tires on my Kawasaki Zephyr 750. I used to replace tires on my bikes by my own, not for any sacral reason but only to clean up rims properly before installing new tires.

I designed simple device to make tire removing quite easy. In fact it is ordinary wooden pallet, with only interesting feature is its history: quite a lot of years ago it crossed half of the World and Atlantic Ocean in addition on the way form USA to Ukraine with CB750 F2 SOHC engine mounted on it…

I improved it by screwing wooden frame (for wheel operating without brake disc damage) and also added improvised lever to push tire down from rim.

A couple of tire irons, rim protection kit (or pieces of plastic cans) and tire replacing kit is ready. Works well so far.

Clean wheels,

especially with new tires always look great.

With 4in4 exhaust I was forced to remove inner (lower) silencers before removing rear wheel but that’s not a lot of work to remove/install those pipes.

So in no time my Zephyr was ready again.


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