Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Video of engine assembling.

I finally assembled the Engine for my cafe-racer project based on Honda CB750 Seven Fifty . And here you may see some kind of time-lapse video of assembling process. I also shot a lot of photos during assembling, so I’ll display all details of it in my further posts in my blog. But now a bit of information about engine itself.

The concept of cafe-racer contains the idea of motorcycle improved in all possible ways. So this mine engine is a mix of CBX750 RC17 and CB750 RC42 engine compiled with intention to get performance of CBX engine, but with all “updates” and “patches” that Honda made to Seven Fifty one.  Moreover, I researched question of big bore kit for this engines and find out the solution. I also replaced a lot of parts with new ones, so now I have a lovely setup, let’s count it from top to bottom:

  • CBX750 cylinder head and camshafts (larger valves and so on)
  • 815ccm big bore kit (don’t ask question, I’ll share full information, but only after project is finished)
  • CB750 Seven Fifty crankcase and its “updated” relatively to CBX crankshaft and generator (and therefore its wider drive chain)
  • CBX750 six gear gearbox and hydraulic drive clutch
  • CB750 oil pump which together with another build of oil channel in crankcase completely fixes oil problems of CBX.

But enough words, time for video of engine assembling.

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