“Eight Ball”. Adjusting.

The last week and  weekend were rich on different events. I received parts for Zephyr, readjusted “Eigth Ball” valves after first 1500 km, installed heavy duty clutch springs to SRX-600 and did a lot of other work in garage. But I also had to make some final adjustment to “Eight Ball” carburetors. Initially I adjusted carburetors to 4in1 Sebring exhaust and pod air filters, but I wanted to adjust them precisely, not only by the view of spark plugs colour.

One friend of mine named Andrew has Dyno right in his garage as well as diagnostic tools like wideband oxygen probe. I think everyone use to read fiction books in which one of the characters is some kind of a bit crazy genius, making great stuff from parts at hand. So this friend of mine is him. He with his brother repairs and tunes up bikes, adjusts injector, and occasionally they take part in various motorcycle races. There are no parts Andrew wouldn’t repair: generators, shock absorbers, engines and so on and so forth. For motorbikes, and for cars. And he is also employed as IT-professional (Linux, programming and so on).

So I rode on my “Eight Ball” and Oksana – on her SRX-600 to Andrew garage.

IMG_9874His garage is unbelievable mix of tools, machines, racing prizes, motorcycle parts and different junk laid on the floor shelves, shoved somehow and everywhere…

IMG_9886 IMG_9883 IMG_9880Then we began preparation for testing and measuring.

Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer IMG_9911We pushed my bike on Dyno.

IMG_9931 IMG_9924Tied it to Dyno frame by belts and connected all needed probes to the bike.

IMG_9981After that I gave my camera to Oksana again, sat on my bike and we began testing and measuring.

IMG_9929 Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer

Nice thing those modern technologies in right hands! They do not only allow you to monitor in real time ratio of the air/fuel mixture (rich or lean) in different engine behaviors, but also to save log so you could analyze this information later and then make grounded adjustments to carburetors.

IMG_0037I made some changes “on fly”.

IMG_0003 IMG_0009And we repeated measurements. As a result I have all information I need.

We also made video about how it all occurred. Thanks to Oksana! Testing was a little bit noisy, besides there was sound of angle grinder from neighbours in beginning, but we did our best.

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