May Day Photo shooting. Part 1.

The May come with a warm days, green leaves, blooming flowers and all other charming Spring staff. So I decided it’s time to interrupt garage works at least for a day and to get some ride and following photo shooting of “Eight Ball”. Nothing special: no models and no guys with big cameras and even larger lenses, no pre – rehearsed photo-session, no make-up, and what a pity (as it turned out), no sandwiches and drinking water, just me, my old colt base level Canon EOS, two friends of mine on another bike and idea, which sounds like “ride-and-shoot”.

In the first May morning we began to realize our idea. Firstly, I led our little group to the old part of city. A couple of places with interesting morning light:

Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racerCome on! Get off! We shall ride further!

Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racerOur next improvised aim was unfinished bridge. The way to it was a bit tangled so we had to found how to reach that bridge. The one navigation error which cost as some kilometers of battered ground roads, a bit of roundabout riding and we were on the river bank right under bridge. Good reason for improvised photo session!

IMG_8286I shot “Eight Ball” alone and with female friend of mine in role of model, with constriction and machinery on background. There were a lot of fun and jokes 🙂

Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racerYamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer

Then we found that we could easily climb to lower level of the unfinished bridge. Nice occasion for some walking and photoshooting!

IMG_8345 IMG_8641 IMG_8611 IMG_8578 The Rider of second bike, pretended to look like security on charge, while we were climbing and walking:-)

Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racerAnd there could be the end of the story, but suddenly we found a way to the upper level of the bridge on our bikes….


To be continued.


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