Yamaha SRX600 Reborn. Part4.

But as I earlier mentioned, it is always work to be done in my garage. So while I waited for delivery of parts from missed parcel which I re-ordered, I have done a lot of different works. In case of SRX600 I began the suspension maintenance. As the front fork was rebuilt earlier, the next point was wheels bearings replacement. I’ve bought and changed them all.

SRX600 RebornAs well as steering stem bearings.

IMG_0635The swingarm bearings were in good condition, so I just cleaned and re-greased them.


The Rotor nut and lock washers suddenly arrived in the second half of the July 2013. Maybe this sounds ill, but in Ukraine it is normal situation, when you couldn’t find the part you need even at local dealers, whereas ordered parts could gone into oblivion for months.

The Rotor nut must be tightened with 120Nm and you need to use special rotor holder. I had no OEM holder at hand, and it seemed like no one from “friendly” mechanics had it. Construction of original holder seemed a bit less useful as I wished, so I just designed and made my own holder.

My holder operated as follows: It used the same three threaded rotor’s holes which needed to pull it (the rotor) off. I bought three studs, three round high nut and three ordinary high nuts. They were all tightened into rotor like it shown on this picture:

SRX600 RebornThen from the piece of 3mm steel I cut the holder and made four holes in it. Three of them are for studs and one – for manipulating with rotor nut. That moment it seemed to me, that I need the holder for a single use, so I made it rough from first piece of metal I could found in my garage corner.

IMG_1635But it works well and soon I tightened nut properly.

SRX600 RebornJust as well as thee crankshaft nut and balancer shaft nut.

SRX600 RebornNext point was clutch nut tightening. I lost my previous clutch holding tool but I had all components to make new one. Needed a little bit welding and painting but could be used as it was.

SRX600 RebornThe Clutch was set.

SRX600 RebornAnd I installed engine covers.

vSRX600 Reborn After that I adjusted valve clearance, did few last works and engine became ready.

SRX600 RebornThen I did some preparations to engine installation, such like frame and hardware washing and cleaning. In July 21, 2013, only a couple days after I’ve got delayed and much anticipated parts, the engine was installed into frame and SRX600 began to looked like a bike again.

SRX600 Reborn SRX600 Reborn

To be continued.

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  1. Keith McGrath

    I am looking to replace the bottom steering bearing… could you tell me the size of this please.

    I can’t find it anywhere

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Keith,

      Its part number is 93332-00008-00
      According to information in web it correspond cone bearing of following dimensions: 30x55x17

      Kind regards,


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