My garage.

Here is my Garage. Nothing special, but a shelter where I can repair and build the bikes. And place to meet friends, of course.

Garage was much less useful and pleasant place at beginning, but I continuously improving it. There are two spaced working tables, one of which is designed for engine works and another one is used for “harder” works, like metal cutting, or works with using sandpaper or rasp and so on. Tools and wrenches repository are expanded also. There are shelves for parts, units and tools and there is a corner to rest a bit with cup of tea or coffee or to seat for contemplation.

What else could I wish for? For having more place, maybe:-)

gazzz garage

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  1. David

    I enjoyed reading your HONDA 750 F1 rebuild… I had one for many years… a very good motorcycle.

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Thank you for good words. I like old motorcycles. I am glad I returned those one back on the road.

  2. Morgan Hold

    To be continued…
    This decent aged pice of Japan metal is waiting for renovation)))
    Good ride and good performance, but almost decade is gone, so it must be disassembled, cleaned and painted.

    P.S.: For past years engine runs perfectly!! Thanks you, Gazzz!!!


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