The half-a-project announcement

Kawasaki Zephyr 750 is my main riding bike and I am happy to own this motorcycle, one of the most classic modern bike. We done more than 70K kilometers together so far. But the story of my Zephyr ownership is long and maybe I’ll tell it in one of the next posts because this one has another subject.

There is yet one Zephyr 750 even in other Country which needs to be converted to cafe-racer but with some restrictions:

– Frame couldn’t be cut.

– Intake system will be stock.

All works will be done on my bike first and then all components shall be sent and installed to another Zephyr.

My bike is adapted for travels so it has luggage rack, engine bars, windshield and few other features which distant Zephyr far from Cafe-Racer. Zephyr 750And what could I say about “easy caferizing” ? I think it’s much easier to cut off and to add what you need, than to behold cafe-racer features in existing shapes and to fit them together.

I did my best to show them in Zephyr. I lowered and shortened its silhouette as it could be possible, made a models of tail and seat base, which locks with stock seat lock. A lot of work was made and mach more will be done. But this is interesting work and yet it remains no less efforts to apply, than for full scale custom project, but I still prefer to name it “The half a project” 🙂

Here are a couple fresh sketch photos how it looks so far:

Zephyr 750 cafe-racer Zephyr 750 cafe-racer

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