Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post. Part 1.

Time for traditional shopping posts. While working on modification of CBX550 wheels, I by the way make purchases for project. I am fond of original Kawasaki KZ650 carburetors look, so I decided to leave them in project. The only thing, I wish to use version with accelerator pump, common for USA models. But such an old carburetors need to be completely repacked, and as I have Wiseco K700 forged piston kit and exhaust which is far from stock for my KZ, carburetors also need to be re-jetted and readjusted. Thus, I need not only set of gaskets, rubbers, fuel valves and so on, but also new set of jets and needles. I am used to find optimal solutions for issues I get during my projects, as well as to hunt for parts all over the World, so there is nothing surprising in that I found all-in-one carburetor kits for KZ650 in Japan. Sure, I still have to check how good these parts are, but first impression  is very good: great packaging and wide nomenclature of parts, including parts for choke system, four types of fuel needles for different stages of tuning and even both types of pilot screws: for earlier and later models of carburetors. But sure, photos will be better than words, so here they are, complete repair/tuning kits for Kawasaki KZ650 carburetors:

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