OldCarLand festival. Photos by Oksana.

As I promised, here are photos of OldCarFest shot by Oksana.  She concentrated mostly on people, friends of ours who visited us on festival.

This guy with his little daughter is  the very man who painted all bikes I built and primed tails for all kits I made and sold.  He is also motorcyclist.

Yep, that’s how it happened that  I got that photos I show in previous post:-)

Some photos of exposition.

There was Gentlemen Ride that very day. One couldn’t be in two places in same time, so I chose to be on OldCarLand. However we met our friends  that take part in Gentlemen Ride as its finish point was OldCarLand.

And the very final photo of that day. When one did all deeds he planned for the day, one might get his  bottle of drink:-)

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