Stand with Ukraine!

Six days ago Russia launched a full scale military invasion of my country, Ukraine. This is completely unprovoked and immensely cruel act of global terrorism.  It’s not only huge armoured columns and soldier to soldier fight: Russians kill civilians, including children, they ruin civil infrastructure, shell, bomb and launch missiles aiming our cities. Groups of Russian saboteurs were planted in our cities even before Putin started the invasion to spread fear and panic. They try to beat us into submission not only with  all possible weapons of war including those which are banned by civilized countries, but also spreading fear and panic. The Russian propaganda machine works 24/7 to justify the war started by Russia  and to spread misinformation among their own people, Ukrainians and people of the World.  Putin failed to reach his main goals: his blitzkrieg failed and Ukraine stood more united than ever before: instead of warm greetings and flowers as “freedom bringers”  Russian have got from our civil population only curses and hail of Molotov cocktails. Ukrainian people stand as united as never before against this unprecedented act of Russian cruelty.

We are kicking back and kicking hard. And we thank all who help Ukraine in these dark times. Please, continue to support and help Ukraine and Ukrainians in all possible ways. Once again the Empire of Evil is rising, once again all free people of the Worlds have to make a stand together.

Stand with Ukraine.

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  1. George Schouten


    In the Netherlands we are in total schock about wat happens in your country. We want to help and Europe is getting more and united thanks to your leader Volodymyr Zelensky, he’s a example for us all.
    Keep strong my friends and we hope the people in Russia are waking up at this very moment and expel Putin instantly.

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi George!

      Thank you for the words of support!

  2. Toni

    Hallo Gazz

    I know what its dictature, i fight against comunism on the begin of the 90´. Thats Happens when comunists are in the Power.

    Greetings from Albania

  3. Justin Saunders

    Hope you are ok, everyone in the UK is thinking of you

  4. Gary Thompson

    God bless and Godspeed! I pray for Ukraine and the people of Ukraine… I pray that this barbarism by Russia… mostly Vladimir Putin will end and that Ukraine can go back to normal. As normal as can be after such angst and crushing sadness due to such atrocities.


    U.S. Army Veteran
    Gary E Thompson, Jr.


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