Odd post.

One may wonder why so far there was only one October post. For one thing for about two weeks I didn’t work on KZ650 project, but was preparing my garage to upcoming winter.  I made every-year-general-cleaning and parts/supplies revising. This time it took more than week to complete task, but now everything is clean and I readjusted things to get a bit more space on shelves for current project as it will take more time than I was planning.  The reason is that second in row Kawasaki KZ750 cylinder head and  cylinder block was wrecked by subcontractors (both were different specialized workshops, the one that made work on head was  even recommend by friends) and this will definitely slow me down. It unsettled me hugely, but luckily Indian summer came to Ukraine and we’ve got some pleasant autumn rides and I also spent a couple of days driving my car for some five hundred kilometers (one thousand roundtrip) to another city and back to bring there and back some goods. Last few days I spent working on garage roof as it needs some repair.  All these simple things  and works  made wonders and I am ready to continue with project.  And to compensate lack of material for post here is assortment of photos form Breizh (Brittany), France I shot in 2015.

Breizh (Brittany), France Breizh (Brittany), France Breizh (Brittany), France Breizh (Brittany), France Breizh (Brittany), France

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