Cafe-racer spoked wheels. Double set. Part 7.

With this and that I’ve mostly forgot to continue the story of a double set of cafe-racer spoked wheels for Kris’ Spider motortcycles.

So here we go. After I trued both sets of wheels, I had only a few minor things unfinished, like repacking sprocket hubs with new bearings and seals.

Or checking and preassembling rear brake caliper bracket, torque rod counterpart  that has to be welded to a swingarm.

One of the most elaborate parts are brake discs spacers. They are not simple washers of giant diameter: from one side they have a groove to fit the ledge on the original hub, and from the other side they have the ledge to center brake disc. Let’s take a closer look at them.

With the last seals installed, wheels were ready for packaging and sending. Here are parts that come with the front wheel.

And here what come with the rear:

Complete set of parts for one motorcycle looks like this:

And here are two set of wheels together:

This could  be the end of the story, however I have yet whole another chapter of it dedicated to packaging.  See it in one of the next posts.

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