Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Another pile of parts.

Sorted another small pile of parts for the Kawasaki KZ650 project.

First in the list is eight Honda flange cap nuts (high type). As long as bolts, nuts or other fasteners fit the application and my design,  I do not care much about if they were made by Honda or Kawasaki or Yamaha.

I prefer flanged cap nuts for exhaust headers, they keep exhaust suds protected from water and mud. These M6 nuts were used to mount exhaust headers in several Honda motorcycles. They are chrome plated and in my opinion perfectly fit early type KZ650 exhaust header  holders.

Next is the PMC plug for the cylinder head tachometer port.  I had to plug that port and I might have made the plug of my own design. However, I was already overloaded with work and simple calculations (time to make drawings, buy raw materials, visit lathe/milling shop plus payment for turner work) showed me that in such circumstances the option to buy PMC ready solution will be  cheaper. And here it is in its packaging:

It is made of stainless steel and it is neatly made little thing. I am pretty impressed by its high quality and design: it is equipped with two O-rings, it is additionally lightened ( by means of hollow body and recess in the front end) and each edge of part is chamfered.

Exhaust nuts are followed by an assortment of bolts. Some of them are for engine covers, like these little chrome plated m6 fellows:

Or for starter motor and secondary shaft cover like their zinc plated brothers:

And again, Honda provided me with bolts that according to my plan have to be slightly longer than original Kawasaki bolts.

Next bunch of fasteners will find its place in KZ650 chassis:

New clutch covers come without oil level glass, thus I had to buy one for that polished cover of mine:

And this OEM rear tank rubber could come handy one day.

As well as this PMC overflow hose set.

And here we come to the parts that do not necessarily end up in the KZ650 project. Like this PMC Z1 “initial type horn”.

Here is what is in the set:

Horn nicely made and loud but I’ll have to find a place for it since it’s pretty big.

I already have an OEM set of carburetor manifolds’ clamps, but  I might need additional clamps, so I decided to try a set made by PMC.

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