Ready for the Winter!

The winters in Ukraine are frequently cold and snowy. I have en electrical heaters in my garage, but when there is 20C  below zero outdoor  you have no chance to work on projects. IMG_7697But even when temperature is about -10C work in garage is also quite uncomfortable, because I turn heaters on only when I come to garage. The stove is of course  an only answer to this question, but I have too few room in my garage for burning stove and wood to feed it all winter. On the other hand there are a lot of compact gas heaters but I believe gas balloons are quite dangerous,  especially in garage. So it looked for me that question of winter heating of my garage box had no solution.

But about month ago one guy (garage neighbour) proposed me to buy a diesel heater. That was  a little used but in good condition Wamsler stove. Such heaters are rare in Ukraine, I never saw them before for sale, but  It was quite compact, had 4-5KWt heat output, and I could easy hold supply of fuel for it, so I had no choice and bought it.

012Yep! Bonus of this stove  is cooking option!

_MG_7105Never build chimneys before, but there was no need in any complicated solution so I just measured all dimensions, draw the sketch of system on paper, then bought all components  I thought necessary and installed them. So now I suppose I am ready for winter works.:-)

IMG_5633 IMG_5629

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