Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit: some demonstration.

I’ve been so busy in the workshop recently that I barely could find the time to process photos  and write projects’ updates and articles. I have a couple of posts on Kawasaki KZ650 and another one on Comstar wheels conversion, however today’s post is a kind of announcement of yet one video about our Kawasaki Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kits. For a long time I had the idea to shoot a video about how easy our kit could be installed. But different obstacles constantly prevented me from making it. Now I mostly finished processing the video and will post it in the next couple of days. I shot a couple of photos during kit installation and these photos are the best demonstration of how our kit changes the rear part of Kawasaki Zephyr 750.   They also show that our kit makes the Zephyr 750 rear part as short as it is possible without frame cutting.

 And I couldn’t help but make a gif animation based on this three photos, here we go (click on image to activate animation):

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