Honda CB750 F SOHC engine rebuild. Part 3.

Okay, let’s continue our story about Honda CB760 F2 SOHC engine.

I completely disassembled engine, made all measuring of its parts and as a result has got a “list to do”.

The only parts I still needed to buy were cylinder block and piston rings. I found them on ebay and ordered.

Next step was cylinder head. Channels’ cleaning was much effortful, because carbon depositions in them were at least 30 years old. While I worked on cylinder head, the engine owner found some information about prone to wear of F2 exhaust valve guides. This “bug” is concerned with approach of Honda engineers to use as big as possible exhaust valves in this engine modification. Due to this, the angle of valve guides was too large and there was lateral load of valve stern to valve guide when rocker arm push valve stern.

So motorcycle owner decided to make new valve guides from special bronze. After they were produced I gave cylinder head to special workshop for valve guides change, valve surfaces and valve seats cutting and cylinder head’s surface cutting. In this way cylinder head was renovated. After washing of all heads parts I could assemble it.

Honda CB750 SOHC engine Honda CB750 SOHC engineThe piston cleaning was another hard point to overcome. But with some amount of assiduity and accuracy I cleaned all carbon and rust from piston ring grooves. Then I washed all engine parts and prepared them for assembling.

And then the Show began. My “special” photo of disassembled engine:

Honda CB750 SOHC engineEngine assembling is an easy thing when all parts are cleaned and are ready to.

Honda CB750 SOHC engineStep by step: Honda CB750 SOHC engineHonda CB750 SOHC engineTime for cylinder:

Honda CB750 SOHC engineAnd for cylinder head:

Honda CB750 SOHC engineWork was almost done. I initially adjusted valves:

Honda CB750 SOHC engineAnd suddenly engine was ready to be installed in frame:

Honda CB750 SOHC engineI installed engine (CB750 SOHC engine is a huge weighted thing, – so with only two hands of mine – this operation was quite difficult. After some maintenance I run engine. There was an early spring on the yard when everything was ready and I rode the CB to its owner’s garage.

IMG_8781P.S. There was a lot of different questions and difficulties during this work, but after years all unpleasant moments were washed out, and all that was left are the photos and a carcass of a story about well made work.

The end.

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    Great article! Thank you, my motorcycle brethren!

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