Beautiful Zephyr from beautiful Croatia.

When 13  long  years ago I suddenly fell in love with Kawasaki Zephyr 750, I was dreaming about a spoked wheeled D-model in black/grey painting which was a tribute to the early Z1 painting scheme.  However, all I could find at that time was dark blue C1 on cast wheels. I bought it and liked it  greatly anyway. Since then I managed to equip my motorcycle with spoked wheels, but it still has its original painting.

 So I was delighted to see this Zephyr 750 in which my kit was turned into a continuation of black/grey Kawasaki colour scheme which was my favourite for a long time. It’s pleasure to see this neat and polished machine with all its indistinctive modifications: Halcyon bar end mirror, small turn lights,  oil cooler protection, black handlebar. And even as I’m not great fan of LED headlights, I have to admit that on this motorcycle it does look natural.

In Ukraine weather these days is up to the season: cold and damp. But it seems at the same time there are  beautiful riding days in Croatia: wonderful country with great roads, ancient castles and churches, with magnificent orchids of orange and olive trees.  So while this is my imaginary ride, my kit could do it for real.  And I wish my good  client from Croatia a very pleasant ride!

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