Letter from Norway.

As I wrote earlier, I always offered my kit buyers to  send me a photos of their Zephyr after modification, but I never insisted on that. Thus, sometimes emails with photos come as surprise.

This morning  I was still half-asleep when  I turned on my computer and looked for new emails, saw that I have one from my client in Norway and therefore opened it. And it waked me up better than biggest mug of strongest coffee.  Those were a great photos of great bike against the background of enchanting Norway landscapes and pleasant feedback about my kit that caused my sudden wake.

But let’s write about the bike itself. His owner painted tail himself so now it perfectly matches original Kawasaki Zephyr grey/black scheme of painting. But, sure, my cafe-racer kit was not the only modification on this bike. He  replaced  exhaust with  full 4in1 Delkevic stainless steel system (with straight short silencer) and cunningly hid pod air filters under the side covers, so after rejeting he got not only the new original look and sound, but also some additional horse powers. Clipons, small Japanese style turn-lights and minimalistic mirror harmoniously completed the image of so nicely modified Zephyr. Now, in anticipation of 2018 riding  season he is thinking about headlight and dashboard replacement.

It was really great to receive this letter and photos,  thanks you so much!

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