Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Brake update.

Front brake discs for CB750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer arrived a week ago. That was a long chase but I found what I want on GB ebay one day. That was mostly new discs with design I liked from first sight.  From look of central part pattern I may guess that these discs are from SunStar for OEM series. As they arrived I cleaned them and after cleaning they looked completely like new except of a bit darkened working surfaces.

So as a next step I decided to order custom braided brake lines. There is Hel Performance local dealer in Kiev, so I just had to work out banjo configuration and measure all lines dimensions, then I came to those guys and in half of hour all my brake lines were ready.

To complete front brakes question I cleaned and maintained front calipers, shot some few photos…

img_6726 img_6770 img_6764…and installed all parts on motorcycle:

img_6960The parcel with rear brake rotor didn’t arrive yet, but I installed rear brake line and designed reservoir for brake fluid.  It contains enough brake fluid for normal work of rear brake system, looks good and I suppose I placed it perfectly: it is half hidden by frame tube but easily may be controlled and maintained.

img_6808 img_6820_1And of course, a few general views:

img_6836_1 img_6936_1 img_6955

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  1. Pavel Mikeska

    Hi, that brake reservoir looks really great. I would like to use it for my upcoming bike project. Where can you get this one?



    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Pavel,

      You can make it from aluminium pipe and silicone tube.

      Kind regards,

  2. Andreas

    Hello Nazar.
    You dont sell brake reservoir to me? ?


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