Swiss Zephyr reborn.

When I received email from old client of mine with modest subject “New Paint” it turned out, I  was completely unprepared to what I saw on pictures  in attachment to that email.

Remember this very classy and stylish Zephyr 750 from Switzerland?  The photos you may find below show the very same Zephyr. Gosh! And man named it “new paint”, while it looks like completely different motorcycle.

I like previous version very much, but I can’t help but notice that this time “scratched” effect came out much better. And I like greatly this  combination of  looking so worn blue/orange Gulf Racing livery, and copper-brownish wheels with stainless steel exhaust header. It’s really cool!  What else?  Kawasaki ZR7 4in exhaust and Pilot Road 3 tires speak of a man with serious intention to burn the road.  I like it too!

Thank you for the photos of your motorcycle, it makes me proud to have a hand in it!

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