KZ650 cafe-racer: engine assembling time-lapse video.

And here we go with a clip about early Kawasaki KZ650 engine assembling. Whole process, from the set of parts in boxes to the ready engine compressed into a 7:20 time-lapse video.

It’s hard to squeeze  all the modes, updates, upgrades and work that was done to this engine in a few words. Among them are Wiseco K700 piston kit, Kawasaki KZ750 cylinder head, Zephyr 750 camshafts, all new sprockets and wheel for timing chain tension system, polished covers and so on and so forth. Also, all parts that have to be replaced, as well as many of those whose replacement weren’t strictly necessary, were replaced with new genuine parts.

If you are interested in complete story about engine, you may find it here>>



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