Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post #12.

Delays in parcel delivery sometimes happen. However this particular parcel set my personal record for waiting time. It was long before this nowadays lockdowns and flights cancellations: I bought NOS ¬†first gear for output shaft (part number 13129-1046, quite rare thing) on British Ebay in November 2019 along with valve NOS valve cover gasket for KZ. I ordered parcel to be delivered via intermediary courier company which I used for years to get things from GB that have no direct delivery to Ukraine. Parcel successfully arrived to company warehouse, then it began its way to me and right after this it seemed to melt into thin air… Then, three months later it as if by magic appeared in tracking system again.

The most curious thing: I received parcel intact, in original packaging and without traces of long travel. Content also was undamaged. ¬†Packaging of parcel wasn’t bulletproof, so if take to account completely undamaged gasket, I may assume that parcel laid under some table or in some corner all the time. Pity for it, for three months it could make a hell of travel and see a lot of world!

However, turned out that gasket was no good anyway. It was dried out and it crumbled in my fingers. However, gasket wasn’t much of loss, it was only addition to New Old Stock low gear.

This gear in its turn turned out to be exactly as it was advertised: new and without traces of rust. Brown stuff that covering gear is oil that was applied on factory to preserve part from rust.


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