Some photos of our participation in OldCarLand festival.

Pity, but last two years there were no specialized custom motorcycle festivals or exhibitions in Ukraine.  The only event that one may call alike is traditional every year OldCarLand festival. As you may guess from its name this festival is rather devoted to vintage and custom cars, but we decided to participate in OldCarLand as there was no alternative to it.  We exhibited Honda CB815 “Eight Fifteen” and Yamaha XJ600 “Eight Ball”.  One friend of mine rode the “Eight Ball” to the festival location.  Initially I had intention to make a good stroll and shoot a good bunch of photos, but it turned out that it was impossible to do so. The first: there were too many people to make proper photo shooting. The second: most of time I spent  answering visitors questions or in conversation with old friends of mine that visited our location. And the third: we have unceasingly keep an eye on our motorcycles as half of visitors had manners far from perfect and tried to touch everything they could reach and some of them had no manners at all and tried to perch on our bikes, some even intended get parts of exhibits as souvenirs.

Thus, I shot only occasional photos. Here they are with some my comments.

On position:

Oksana and our friends:

When Oksana started frontal photo shooting of improvised model on Honda CB815, I unintentionally found that this scene have much more interesting angle. 🙂

Ups, our model found a trap, but she didn’t mind:-)

Some other occasional photos:

Have got Yamaha XJ750 without proper ownership title? Receipt is simple: shove it in a frame of old soviet boxer motorcycle and then add some Czech sidecar for more piquant taste.

Rat customs. Might be far from practical, but always impressive.

That’s all photo – catch that I’ve got so far. See more photos shot by Oksana in next post.


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    Girl in pink jacket looks like true appreciator. #thumbup


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