In these definitely  challenging times we are still working not only on our own projects, we also accept and fulfil orders. Due to virus situation many regular flights were cancelled, thus postal services that were delivering parcels by air became unreliable.  Which means delays in orders receiving, as we have to receive some goods from overseas, like EC-approved tail lights for our kits, as well as we  are sending ready  product to our client. However, we are looking for courier services that deliver goods by land, thus we have intentions to work on orders as long as postal/courier services continue to deliver goods.

Let’s be calm, stay healthy and continue to work on our motorcycles!

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  1. Kamiel Kuijpers

    Hi, do you also produce a set for comstarwheels for the CB400N honda?

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      Unfortunately, we have no spoke adapters for CB400 Comstar wheels.

  2. Lauri Veijalainen

    Are you making these cbx550 spoke adapters ? If you do , I ca buy oe set ( for two wheels)

    Lauri Veijalainen
    Tikantie 30
    FIN-53650 Lappeenranta


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