Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Exhaust testing.

Since I’ve bought NOS (New Old Stock) Anderson-Kittelson mufflers for Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer I’ve been wondering about how they might sound. This winter my Kawasaki Zephyr 750 spent in workshop, and couple of days ago I decided to warm it up and make a little ride. Once I finished with this task I decided to check what works should be done on motorcycle. Thus I noticed that its 4ini4 exhaust needs good cleaning. To achieve best I decided to remove exhaust and that was a moment when something clicked in my mind: downpipes I chose for KZ650 is in fact stainless steel exhaust manifold made by Black Widow Exhausts for Zephyr 750, and I still has some original Zephyr 750 manifold holders , so there is nothing that could hold me from installing that exhaust on my Zephyr.

So soon I’ve done exactly this:  installed  4in2 downpipes on Zephyr  and after I found how to fix  mufflers, everything was ready  to start. Jetting in Zephyr 750 I set to fit quite free flow 4in4 exhaust, so there were no issues of lean fuel mix. It rather could be reach. So I fired engine and warmed it. Then I throttled  and Wow! It was THE SOUND!

I had my camera at hand (pity I haven’t external mike for it) so we decided to shoot some video. In fact we made two short clips, one with Oksana throttling Zephyr more gently and another with me, opening throttle less softly. We decided it would be funny to post both clips.


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