The first Zephyr kit I have ever sold.

I started  kits manufacturing  a little over a year ago. That was beginning of December,  year 2015 and I just finished to publish all materials about Kawasaki Zephyr cafe-roadster project and began to think about further projects  when I got an email from France with question about kit purchase. In that time procedure of manufacturing wasn’t formalized and established like it is now,  so I have to design  and experiment and so on.  But in month kit was ready and I sent it to France.

As the year passed I decided to ask my first client  about experience with kit.  So I contacted him and received an answer that there were no problems with kit at all. The only complaint was about saddle turned  out to be a bit hard for long rides. But this is a matter of style: making it more thick may cause loss  of elegance.

And yet he sent me photos of his Zephyr. His bike looks really great: clean lines, and colour scheme of tail which continues original pattern on tank and  handlebar, and mirror, and so on.

Thanks so much for positive feedback and photos!

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