Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Top yoke and dashboard. Part 2.

I finished previous post by  indicating “excess” holes in top yoke, thus it’s logically to continue the story by showing how I am about to solve this “issue”.  I have tachometer and speedometer for dashboard, but they have no the following indicator lamps: for oil pressure, neutral, turn lights and high beam. Some of my constant readers might remember how I solved this question in Kawasaki Zephyr 750 cafe-roadster project: I installed custom made LED indicators right in holes for handlebar mount. And as a  top yoke for our Kawasaki ZK650 cafe-racer came from Zephyr 750, it’d be obvious that I was thinking about  similar usage of holes for handlebar mounting. However, cause I like to make thing better. this time it would be “extended edition”: I designed the plate that covers all unwished-for holes on top yoke and  indicated the meaning of each lamp. I made electronic drawing of this plate and gave it  together with aluminum plate to one friend of mine, who has homemade CNC milling machine right… in his apartment. Some engine and other motorcycle parts may be found there as well. This CNC milling machine of his is not something fancy and professional, but it definitely  does the work for which it was designed.

Here is result of its work, just removed from under the milling cutter.

And here how it looked after I grinded edges and put some “brush” effect  on it. Just to show the dimensions of part I put match next to it.

Now it is finished:  but final result I’ll left for another post…



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