Yamaha XJ “Eight Ball”. Spring photos.

I must admit once again the undoubted usefulness photo archives. In this turn I dig out some photos of “Eight Ball” cafe-racer  from Spring of year 2015 photo session  for BikeExif  publication. I overdid a little bit with quantity of photos then,  so no wonder that I missed  a part of them in process of selection. Good memories and I even found myself on one of the  photos among  missed, Oksana shot it when I  rolled the bike on a new position.

eight_ball_004 IMG_8283 IMG_8484 eight_ball_007 IMG_8649 eight_ball_014

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  1. pijjey

    nice motorbike ! but is it uncomfortable for two people?

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Cafe-racers inherently are rather egoistic bikes. I have another motorcycle to ride with passenger so this one I built as a bike for the only rider, so it hasn’t no place, nor footpegs for second number.

    I use my “Eight Ball” for riding to work every day and it is perfect in this role. Even now it is standing in some ten meters from me, waiting to ride the wave of evening traffic tide.


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