Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Clip-ons.

While I am waiting for last parts for front fork to arrive, I am working on top yoke, dashboard and clip-ons.  Clip-ons for this project came from two stroke sportbike Yamaha TZR250 (3MA as far as I could judge). They are made of single pieces of aluminum and look to be anodized. Dunno what they cost for Yamaha in manufacturing (as it would include casting, machining and looks like some handy work), but such approach definitely impresses.

However, these clip-ons need some final touch to be not just good, but perfect. For one thing I don’t need some protrusions that were made to fit original Yamaha top yoke.  For another thing their original finish (grinding)  doesn’t impress that much.

I also do not know of which alloy of aluminum these clip-ons were made, but it definitely is very good one: working with them was a pleasure. Let’s see what came from little final touch of mine.

As you may see, I left handles untouched as anodized aluminum is might be more resistant to friction of throttle grip. However I polished handles ends, as they would be visible (If I don’t’ decide to modify them to fit end bar mirrors).

And sure, here is  a couple of additional photos:

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