Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post #10.

The beginning of the year was quite busy, however I have a little time for KZ650 project.  Now, after we  fulfilled and sent  all orders to customers I could return to the project.   This post is another “shopping post”, and may be as well named “another hundred and something bucks spent on  OEM Kawasaki parts”. It’s quite irrationally to order every part when you decided that you need it, so  I prefer to write out lists and then order OEM parts in bunches with total price around  the Ukrainian customs limit. This pack of parts I received last year, but had no time to photo-shoot it till today.

So what we have here is assortment of bolts, clamps, O-rings I didn’t order earlier, and other might – be – useful-for-project parts.

Like bolts for oils pan (though there  are only 14 bolts on photo, one is still on its way, in solo travel due to peculiar logistics of the vendor).

Or drive chain guide. I see no reason to put efforts in old one when new  is available as well.

Some clamps as I said. These are to mount  clutch cable to frame.

And this assortment is to clamp wires to engine.

And these two might be used to fix brake lines to front fender.

Next lot is sleeves for rubbers for upper timing chain idler wheel.

Some proper bolts to replace sprocket  cover screws.

And some aluminum washers for them and for neutral  switch.

Here we came to some rubbers. O-rings I forgot to order earlier.

And to this little funny rubber ball is the plug for oil channel in crankcase.

Some parts for gear changing mechanism.

New snap rings for transmission drive shaft.

And last, but not least: clutch release spring.


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