Seven Fifty Eight Fifteen cafe-racer. Assembling. Part 3.

Meanwhile my motorcycle was ready for first start. I removed valve cover and fed cylinder head with oil and pressed the oil through the oil channels. Then I installed valve cover again, removed spark plugs and cranked engine with starter until oil pressure indicator went out.

After that I installed intake system and started engine for the first time.

But I still had work to do. I designed improvised system for tank inside washing. I assembled it form two fuel filter and electrical fuel pump. I ran system for some hours to be sure the tank is completely clean.

Last parts took their places.

A couple of little features I didn’t show before.  As I mentioned earlier, I used Honda CB750 Night Hawk upper triple tree that is compatible with Seven Fifty and much more suitable for use with clipons. It has two-holed mount for handlebar, so I decided that I should find usage for them. Therefore, I machined them a bit and used right hole to install T&T analogue clocks and left hole for side stand indicator. As I used CBX750 electrical system which has no any side stand switch, this indicator will be very useful. It is LED and bright but I made it look lamp-like.  I also made brass plate with “815” indicated on it to replace original Honda logo on the upper triple tree. And again, I could order it in some laser engraving workshop, but I preferred making it myself  instead; thus I used number punches and Dremel for making  new emblem  look “raw”.

Suchlike small features took the time for their design and making. I’ll show all of them in traditional section “In details”. Now let us move our attention upon the installation of the last unit, hydraulic clutch slave cylinder.  Complete setup, polished housing and piston, spring, new OEM seals, new Hel braded hose, banjo bolt and bleeder valve:

Only when I took a closer look into the part list I noticed I have no clutch slave cylinder insulator, the gasket which installed between slave cylinder and engine to decrease heat transfer from engine to cylinder. I had no time to order and receive OEM part so I made it on my own. Sure, I’ll replace it with original part as soon as it arrives, but until that this part will do.

Soon clutch was ready for use.

At this point assembling went to its completion. In fact I had only to install fuel tank and seat to finish CB815 “Eight Fifteen” assembling…


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