Zephyr from Germany.

I always curios to see Zephyrs modified with our cafe-racer kit and I am glad to post  their photos, though I do not insist on photos. However sometimes, when photos of unfinished motorcycle touch the strings of my soul I became anxious to receive photos of final result.

The bike, photos of which you may see below was that very case. It was even more interesting for me, as for this very Zephyr 750 from Germany at the request of the owner I design license plate holder with license plate angle that fits TÜV control. Moreover, this bike passed the TÜV control with kit installed. But alas, one couldn’t get everything: time passed and I was about to finish my CB815 project so I had more than enough on my plate, therefore thought about photos of this Zephyr was pushed out of my mind. Only few days ago I occasionally came across its photos, and I thought: what the hell, this Zephyr worth to be published even in unfinished condition. So here it is:

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