Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Front fender. Part 2.

Ok. Let’s return to the front mudguard.  After I finished hammering it  was time for initial cutting, sandpapering , ends’ rounding and side edges’ aligning. To simplify the job  I sandpapered outer (face) side of fender, but  I left its inner surface untouched, so it still has central line which I scratched on it when  mudguard was mere flat sheet of aluminum.

This central line helps to keep fender symmetrical,  whenever you round its ends or align side edges.  And talking about side edges: the simplest method to grind them on flat surface controlling with calipers and right angle tool.

As result I got two parallel flat side edges.

Then I sandpapered fender up to the grit 400 continuously switching from hand work to grinder and back.

Mudguard looked nice.

According to my design, the mount of the fender is quite complicated. It is to be made of stainless steel and to consist of four parts made on lathe:

Two 6mm rods bent like this:

And also some mount plates which are still in the progress. It would be tricky to keep all parts properly aligned during process of welding, however I assume this design of fender mount  would worth efforts:



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