Guess Why?

Lets play little guess game with subject of Honda CB815 cafe-racer. Here is couple of photos to start.

Q: Why I draw some strange figures, mostly circles on 1mm graph paper?

A: I need to make electronic drawing of some part.

Sure, there is no need to guess why I make that 3D drawing. I need some part to be CNC machined from aluminum.

Q: What is this part for?

A: This part is a spacer that is to be put between clutch cover and engine case. That’s why part’s  outer shape meticulously repeats the contour of clutch cover.

Q: But really, why clutch cover needs be placed further than usually  from engine case?

A: Custom made clutch basket of new reinforced clutch protruding too far from engine case.

Q: Why do my Honda CB815 cafe-racer needs reinforced clutch?

This question I leave without answer for some time, but here is a small hint: the matter of this upgrade is related to what you may see on photo below…

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  1. Piotr

    What carb jet sizes did you use in your seven fifty?


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