Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Shopping post.

Yesterday I received last parcel with parts for the Seven Fifty project so in this post I brag about my purchases.

The first one of them is dashboard. This time I chose all-in-one T&T gauge with analogue tachometer scale, digital speedometer and full set of indicators. That’s how the whole set looks like:

IMG_2170And a gauge itself:

IMG_2180 IMG_2161 IMG_2196Especially I liked how its backlight and indicators work:

IMG_2229The next lot is mirrors.  I just like this style of mirrors:

IMG_2973 IMG_2981Third purchase is headlight bracket.  I was fond of  large British style headlight and brackets I used in Zephyr cafe-roadster project so I decided to buy the same set for Seven Fifty cafe-racer. And here are brackets, right from Japan.

IMG_3052 IMG_3039The last my buy are handlebar  grips. The devil is in the details so I spent a good  bit of time to choose grips which fit this project perfectly. And here they are, barrel style grips with grooves and closed ends:



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  1. les dwight

    Hi there
    can you supply to me or tell me where i can purchase a pair of the Japanese aluminium headlight brackets you are using
    Many thanks Les Dwight


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