Yamaha SRX600 Reborn. Part5 and last.

Engine was installed in frame but there were a lot of works to do before it could start.

Firstly I worked on oil system. I cleaned oil tank inside and outside, then straightened bent oil cooler fins. After that, I mounted all components and started exhaust pipes cleaning. Exhaust header was covered with thick layer of scum but as it was made of stainless steel so could be not only cleaned, but also be polished. I have no photo of header in unclean condition, but it could be seen on this old one:

IMG_8450Looked ugly, but some of my efforts, a lot of sandpaper, and a bit of polishing paste turned the header in a shining thing:

SRX600 exhaustSRX600 exhaust SRX600 exhaustThen I done some different small operations, such like electrical connectors cleaning, battery box rubbers and breather hose replacement and so on. Further on I started twin SRX carburetors cleaning. I disassembled them completely and cleaned totally. Before I assembled carburetors I shot this photo, because I like shooting disassembled machinery:-)

SRX600 carburetor SRX600 carburetor After carburetors where assembled I sped up myself and installed in SRX all components needed for engine start: carburetors, new throttle cables, air and oil filters. After that I commuted all wires, filled oil tank with oil and manually injected some portion of oil into oil channels. The bike was ready to start.

SRX600That was a little bit exciting process. Engine started immediately after I pushed the starter button, but I was nervous about oil system functioning and settled down only after oil flowed out from control hole in cylinder head. The engine sounded like a music…

 It looked like the SRX project was close to its end, but still a couple of unsolved issues remained. First of them was rear shock absorber. It did not work properly, with squeaking noises. It couldn’t be repaired, so I had to find replacement for it. After some research I’ve bought 2004 CBR600 F4i shock (full adjustable). That was a little earlier, so I got a parcel with it soon after the engine start.

SRX600 rear shock SRX600 rear shockA CBR shock is longer than an SRX one, as it could be seen, and also it needed some adaptation before installation. I needed reducers and to replace hose with a longer one. So I bought braided brake hose and ordered making of reducers and hose replacement in friendly garage, guys from which are experts in suspension repairing.

While shock was in work I had to solve second issue, namely, cleaning the fuel tank liners. Here are the exfoliated pieces of liner:

IMG_2065 IMG_2069I know only old school method to clean out tank liner, which means you are to put a lot of small bolts, nuts and other metal pieces in a tank, add some liquid like kerosene and after that to dance with a tank shaking it like a hell, as long as a tank becomes clean.

So I cleaned the tank in such a way and also used a different improvised scratchers. That was a long and effortful process and even after third rinse I could saw a lot of milled liner in washbowl.

IMG_2139But that work was done in the end. I took off all bolts and nuts with a magnet, treated the tank inside with rust protecting liquid, rinsed the tank with gasoline and it became ready to install.

IMG_2306 At this time CBR600 shock was ready also.

SRX600 rear shockI mounted shock on its place. SRX600 rear shockAnd mounted gas reservoir to the bike’ left handle, using rubbers and clamps.

SRX600 rear shockThan SRX600 was ready for running-in. Later I found yet another one little electrical issue. That was how the former owner changed the relay rectifier. I have no words about that…

IMG_1857But this issue was easy to fix. A bit of accuracy and voila!

IMG_1888_1I raised up clip-ons a little due to increasing comfort on a low speed rides during breaking in period.

SRX600A couple of first hundred kilometers I rode the bike myself due to all systems checking and only after that handed out the bike to happy owner.

SRX600 SRX600 SRX600The end.

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  1. Tavo

    Hi! I need to clean the carburetor of my srx400, do you have more pics of the cleaning process, or do you know where can I find a step by step video or something? Thanks!

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      The procedure of SRX’ carburetors cleaning is similar to XT ones, so you could use XT manual. Like this one:
      Also this video may be useful:

  2. Hinneh

    I need one to buy, I love this bike. I’m a teacher in Ghana. Can I get one with both kick-start and electronc starter?

  3. gazzz (Post author)

    Hi Hinneh,

    Sorry, couldn’t help with SRX600 buying. For one thing I has no SRX for sale, for another I am placed far away from Ghana. And as far as I know Yamaha didn’t produce SRX600 with both kick and electric starter. Same thing with XT600 and TT600 engines: earlier models where equipped with only kick starter while late models with only electric starter.

    Kind regards,


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