Morning photos.

By the end of Friday  I achieved all goals I could achieve: all orders were dispatched and cylinder head for KZ was glass beads blasted and I gave it  to be painted in paint shop. Spokes for CBX750 wheel conversion arrived but it turned out that their parameters needed correction  thus spokes to be reordered. So I decided I deserve a  kind of weekend and some ride. As it happened that there was a birthday of my brother on Saturday, I had no doubts where to ride: some 230 km to place where I was born and spent my childhood and youth. On my road there I was too absorbed in ride to think about photo shooting. But I got the opportunity on my way back. After many hot days it was a pleasant cool morning with the sky and sun obscured by clouds and it do the magic to landscape, thus  I just couldn’t miss to shoot couple of photos in one of my favorite places on that road,  where it beds and climb the hill…


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