Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit. New ECE approved tail light.

Hurray! More than once  I was asked if the tail light of Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit is E-certified and every time I could not give positive answer. I was searching suitable tail light through and rummaging through  different catalogues for a long time without success. The issue was hard to solve due to quite a lot of  limitations: tail dimensions, EC certification, brightness, type of mounting  and last but not least, design. I mostly gave up when at last I found  and ordered from British webshop tail light that passed four of five limitations and which only real flaw was  that it was a bit hard to mount.  But luckily, there was address of manufacturer website stamped right on the tail light glass and when I visited it I found exactly tail light I wanted: perfect dimensions, ECE-approved, very bright, easy to mount and of good design. Moreover, it was IP67 waterproof rating. The only issue was that manufacturer and all suppliers that have these tail lights in stock were placed in Australia, thus I had to wait for good three weeks until parcel with first portion of lights arrived to me.

When lights arrived I wasn’t disappointed. They turned out to be of great quality, with neatly made electronic part, protected from moisture by transparent compound. I made new drawings for laser cutting for  tail light frame and it’s mounting bracket and ordered them in work.  Right today we dispatched first kit with new E-approved tail light.

And here are photos of new tail light:

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