Sandblaster on flame steroids.

This very midday I had to give the frame of my CD750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer project to paint shop. Surely, frame should have been sandblasted before that. But last few days the weather in Kiev is least suitable for keeping metal totally bare: wet snow covered all around, the  same and wet snow is permanently falling from the sky. Thus, I had not only to find sandblasting shop that is open on Saturday, but also to get a deal about fast sandblasting of the frame, instantly followed by paint works.  These conditions are hard to achieve, but I called to guys who sandblasted “Eight Ball” frame and turned out that they work on Saturdays too, and moreover, they gladly agreed to sandblast my frame as soon as I bring it to them.

So, this morning I, instead of getting some deserved additional sleep, was driving my car to sandblasting workshop. When I arrived, it turned out that I had to wait a little, but as I had a good time-gap before my meeting with painter, I waited patiently for some 40 minutes before all preparations for work is finished. Time went quite fast in small talks with workers, and even as I was a bit sleepy and forgot my camera at home, I wasn’t totally photo-unarmed thanks to my smart-phone.

I’ll post some photos of location in next post, but in this one I want to show a work of sandblasting machine.  It looked like result of unholy intercourse between big dirty air compressor and blowtorch.  It was a Soviet portable compressor on the base of trailer for truck, and its blaster had also gasoline injection which after ignition creates additional pressure. It sounded deafeningly loud and blasted old paint in no time, but as they used fine sand, it didn’t damage surface of the metal too hard. But enough details, let’s just see the video below:

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