Snow trolls.

The work I am performing now on the Seven Fifty project is quite unspectacular and I still didn’t get painted parts (this fact maddens me badly), thus I have a lack of material to post. But it is winter all around and so let this post to be about it.

Every time I walking through garages to my small workshop I couldn’t but notice the huge snow caps on the roofs of the garages, some of them are fatly hanging down from the garage gate visors. All these days air temperature was only slightly lower than zero degree Celsius, so in couple of days snow caps not only crawled lower, but also grew bunches of icicles and thus they began to resemble some kind of snow trolls, crouching in ambush,  waiting with outstretched clawed arms for carefree prey. Sure, I couldn’t miss to shoot those imaginary trolls, so let them fill the gap between the parts of cafe-racer building story.

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