Winter has come.

The day before yesterday turned out to be “Winter switch”. Snow began to fall in the night and in the morning snowfall grow into the real snow storm with gusty wind, so one  constantly  got a handful of snow does not matter, in which direction he was moving. Snowstorm rampant whole the day and night along. Needless to say that  traffic in Kiev was mostly paralyzed despite the feeble efforts of city services to clean the roads. So yesterday I got up quite late, but despite of this the way to the garage was quite effortful, as the average depth of the snow was around thirty centimetres and sidewalks were cleaned only occasionally.

Sure, when I reached garages, I had first to plough  the way to my garage through deep snow  and then to spend quite a lot of time with snow shovel in my hands.  But in spite of brought alongside  difficulties, the weather was epic and it’s pity I had no time for proper photo shooting. But of course,  I  couldn’t stand  the urge to shoot few photos without going far from my garage. And that’s what I saw those day:

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