Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Carburetors. Part 2.

So carburetors’ bodies were cleaned.

And so were all other components, like heat shield.

Float bowls’ gaskets gave me a bit of work as they were glued to bowls from factory and after mostly forty years glue and gaskets hardened. To cut them off with a knife might look good idea, but I didn’t wanted to damage float bowls. So instead I put bowls into hot water for an hour, or so, and after some soaking gaskets became softer and thus more removable.

Rough rug and carburetor  cleaner helped me to remove last traces of glue. I was glad that I preserved contact surface of float bowls completely undamaged.

I also polished all four top covers.

I prepared and gave most of steel components in workshop that specializes on zinc plating. Refreshed parts look very nice.

Sure, it wasn’t hard to notice that I grinded outer parts of carburetors’ intakes.

I made six cuts in every velocity stack to fix them on carburetors with help of clamps.

These works I made to warrant the tight fit of velocity stack to carburetor. And as you may see from photos below  inner transition from velocity stack to carburetor is also very smooth.  Thus, there is no need in any sealing gaskets or O-rings.

Carburetors with velocity stacks look great.

Now I am waiting for new PMC fuel tees. As soon as they arrived carburetors will be ready for assembling.


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