Gauges for my Zephyr “Half a cafe” project

A short notes about Zephyr project gauges.

After my decision to remove stock gauges, I searched for alternative in local stores. I found a lot of cheap Chinese stuff, but only one suitable device. That was a speedometer from some British motorcycle catalogue. It was white-faced electronic gauge with nice designed scale and needle speed indicator, it had digital odometer and LED backlight and it also had polished stainless steel shell and bracket. I liked it as soon as I saw it.

But there was no pair tachometer for this speedometer: nor in sale, nor in catalogue. So I had to do search again. My searches on ebay and google resulted in only a couple of similar tachometers, but with grid scaled to 8K rpm (Zephyr 750 has 12K rpm on it’s tachometer). But I decided not to give up and finally found twin gauge on , branded as POSH. The parcel with tacho arrived from Japan to Ukraine less in week and I immediately made photo session for gauges. As you can see, despite of different sources, both gauges look like twins. Same high quality, same polished shells, same style of grids…

IMG_7259 IMG_7303 IMG_7276 IMG_7334 The only difference is color of backlight. Speedometer’s one is blue, while tachometer’s is white. But I think this could be funny.IMG_7365

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  1. George

    Can you tell me the freuquency of the tachometer? Thank you.

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi George,

      I don’t know frequency of the tachometer. Here is a link for tachometer I used :

      Kind regards,


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