Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Painting. Part 1.

I waited quite a long. and at last it happened: in the end of past weekend we went to the paint shop to mark the CB750 cafe-racer project’ tank for painting.

This time I chose the main colour to be black, while for strips and my logo background to be metallic golden paint.

Tank was ready for marking: its lower part was painted in black and closed by paper and paint tape, whereas both tank sides were painted in golden.

There were three of us: painter, I and Oksana with her camera. Sometimes I made pictures, but it was she who shot the vast majority of photos you see in this post, many thanks to her.

So, Oksana took camera, I took special thin 3mm paint tape, and thus the first stage of marking started.

I finished marking of the tank’ left side quite soon, but our next goal was much more difficult to score: we had to mark right side of the tank similarly to the left one. For achieving the best result, this task was performed by two pair of hands (my own and painter)  and three pair of eyes (Oksana regularly had to neglect her photographer’ duty and join me and painter in our quest to spot any difference in marking). I also used slide caliper for checking.

Sometimes process looked funny, like some kind of dancing or rite:-)

There is always place for small differences in marking of both tank sides when it’s done without fixed templates. But as long as they are insignificant, it might be called a “human touch”.  We achieved success at the second attempt, and thus the hardest work was done.

The marking of logo backgrounds went easy after that:

And in no time tank was ready to be painted in black:

To be continued.

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