Autumn road. Addition.

The autumn this year was rainy and quite cold. So when a couple of really warm and sunny days turned up in the second half of October I without hesitating  decided to do a short  ride to my parents, whose house is  in some 250km. I started right after my daytime work and soon sun was to be watched rapidly going down in Zephyr mirrors.  Thus I shot no “by the way photos” on my way there, but I took revenge next afternoon on my way back home. That was a hazy day and it was a lovely ride, hope I passed the mood of those day in this photos:

P.S. Completely forgot. When I left my parents house and strode to my Zephyr, I realised that my bike is already occupied. I couldn’t resist the urge to take a camera and shot the photo of those charming  occupant with such a scoundrel look of green eyes.

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