“Eight Ball” and cherry blossom. Part 1.

When apricot trees began to blossom we decided that this year we surely have to shoot “Eight Ball” cafe-racer under the blossom tree. But weather this Spring is very unstable, so apricot trees already  drop the blossom and cherry trees just started to bloom  when we got  the chance to realize our plan.  As parts from mostly all of Japan “Big Four” manufacturers were used in  “Eight Ball” project we called our plan “cafe-racer and sakura” and were waiting for first sunny day to began our hunt.

There were three days of Easter holyday ahead but according to weather forecast  the only sunny day expected to be Saturday, all other days will be chilly and raining.  It was probably the only chance to catch ephemeral cherry blossom, so on  Saturday morning we rode in search of proper photo location.  There were no chance to find any unpopulated site in the city center so we explored suburbs.

Here is first part of our photo shooting :

And, as Oksana continues to learn photography I  again had some backstage photos:-)

To be continued…

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