Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Tail tube and front fender.

Looks like time to post new Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer updates.

The first is front mudguard. I managed question with mudguard itself quite quickly. I have few old mudguards from old soviet motorcycles (good metal I must say) and between them I found one which fits perfectly after it was cut and slightly widened.  But the question of mounting was more difficult. The point is after I changed a front tire to 120/80-17 instead  of stock  120/70-17 one, the fender  mounting  points on fork  are right in the level with widest tire point, so there is a little room remained for mount itself.

After some thoughts I designed and made aluminum bracket ( from 3mm aluminum plate ) which aligned tightly to fork outer pipes. The fender itself could be mounted to it by four bolts.  I also used stock CB750 fender mounting nuts. That’s how all looks like:

IMG_3805 IMG_3817Last weekend I spent to make a tail tube for Seven Fifty cafe-racer.  I have no any tube bender in my garage but I had intention to make tube which close to the very tail configuration, so tube bender  was useless anyway.  But I am good at workaround searching, so I decided to use the same method as in “Eight Ball” project. I spent a half of the day for preparation:  fixed vise tightly on workbench, readjusted bend template to current tail tube configuration, filled the tube with fine river sand and so on. I had only one piece of the suitable tube at hand so I had only one attempt.

After everything was ready I heated the tube with gasoline blowtorch and bent it in template fixed by vise. Not the easiest way to do so, and a couple of times I felt lack of another pair of hands but I did my best and made quite good tail tube.

Then I made a couple of frame inserts to join sub-frame and tail tube.  Here is a tail tube in process of cleaning:

IMG_3556 IMG_3559And it is ready to be installed.

IMG_3577I also cut Seven Fifty sub-frame right after shock mounting point to lower the tail tubes profile. After some adjusting tail tube was ready to be installed on motorcycle. I still did not decide what exactly angle should be between sub-frame and tail tubes so I left some gap between tail tube and rear tubes of sub-frame triangle.

IMG_3633 IMG_3630 IMG_3622

And of course, I shot general bike views. You may also see all updates from previous post on them.  I didn’t finish foot-pegs  yet, so I’ll write about them after they are completed.

Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer build Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer build Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer build Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer build Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer buildHonda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer build Honda CB-750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer build

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  1. Adam

    hey nice WORK!
    could you say which FUEL TANK this is? its not original is it?

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi! That’s Honda CX500 tank.

  2. Marco Barretto

    Love what you did with the mirrors. How’d you do that?

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Marco,

      Just bought mirrors suitable for my design and mount them to headlight brackets.

      Later I replaced that mirrors with one end bar mirror.

      Kind regards,

  3. Basset

    Very enthusiast amazing built the bike looks and is a street fighter bravo.. Good work.


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